United We Sprint

Pride 2022The United We Sprint Challenge

United We Sprint


    GLAAD works to achieve acceptance and lived equality for the LGBTQIA+ communities through their leadership in media tackling tough issues and creating conversations for change.

The United We Sprint Challenge
June 1st - June 30th, 2022

Choose your challenge and start date to earn stars in The Academy, our Loyalty Program, for completing:

  • 5

    150 bonus stars

  • 10

    300 bonus stars

For every finisher Barry's will donate $25 to GLAAD**

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You choose your start date. In order to receive your loyalty points, classes must be completed within two weeks from the first class taken. All classes must be taken by one participant and can be taken in any participating studio (US and Canada only) and on Barry’s X LIVE. Any class package or membership can be used to complete the challenge. Each 5 class challenge finisher is eligible for 150 bonus stars in The Academy, our loyalty program. Each 10 class challenge finisher is eligible for 300 bonus stars in The Academy, our loyalty program. For every finisher Barry’s will donate $25 to benefit GLAAD up to $25,000.


Can I do this challenge more than once within the month of June.
No, you can only do the United We Sprint Challenge once. But, if you sign up for the 5 class challenge and complete it before your 14 days are over, you can upgrade to the 10 class challenge to win extra bonus points in The Academy, our loyalty program.
Do I need to sign up for the challenge?
Yes, all challenge participants need to sign up.
Do classes of all types and in all regions count towards the challenge?
Yes. All classes (including those taken in studio, Barry's Outdoors, and Barry's X Live Classes) in any region will count towards the challenge.
Do I need to buy a special package to participate?
No, you can use any class package or membership to complete the challenge.
Is there a prize for finishers?
Yes! Finishers who complete the 5 class challenge receive 150 bonus stars in The Academy, and those who complete the 10 class challenge receive 300 bonus stars in The Academy. Barry's will also be donating $25 on behalf of each finisher to GLAAD.**
I just started at Barry's. Can I do this?
Yes! This is the perfect challange to start your Barry's journey and accumulate stars for The Academy or get your Barry's merch collection started.
Can I change my challenge halfway through?
You're able to upgrade to the 10 class challenge if you initially chose the 5 class challenge, but you're unable to downgrade from the 10 class challenge - you finish this!